Thursday, 23 July 2015

Introduction: Art by the Spoonful

Spoon dolls are go! 

The idea of Creating a Stir has received very positive responses from groups of all ages throughout Norfolk. It seems I'll be doing a lot of travelling to meet all these people and hear their reminiscences and responses.
With me in my car will be an interesting selection of goodies; a Victorian washing kit of a dolly and carbolic soap, copies of original workhouse documents including the 1871 census, replica inmate uniforms, schoolroom slates, stories to tell, all the doll-making materials, several hundred wooden spoons...

...and a wooden leg! 

Yes, really.

I'll be taking a camera to record the whole thing! Otherwise no-one would believe me...

PS: Megan, Gressenhall's curator, is also featuring Creating a Stir here on the museum's Collaborate website. 'Collaborate' is an open project run by Megan in order to encourage interested individuals and artists to respond independently and creatively to the stories of the workhouse in a similar way to Creating a Stir. 

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