Friday, 6 November 2015

Spoons 3: Youth Forum

As Learning & Engagement Officer for the project, I've started a Voices from the Workhouse Youth Forum with yr8 & 9 students from Neatherd High School in Dereham. Here they are trying some tasty gruel on their first visit.

Our remit is to assess and evaluate all the new displays and interactives at Gressenhall. We've used our experiences of other museums and heritage sites, both on line and in 'real life' to put together a selection of workhouse-themed activities of our own. We'll be inviting families and friends to try them out as part of  Kids in Museums Takeover Day on November 20th. 

Of course the students needed to learn about the workhouse too. I gave them a tour of the site and told them lots of the stories from the archives. I also showed them some of our workhouse objects and they tried on some replica workhouse uniforms (not always the right ones!):

We also made spoons dolls for 'Creating a Stir'. Here they are having fun making them...

Teachers too!!

And here are the finished dolls! 

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