Friday, 6 November 2015

Spoons 5: Sweet Arts

Sweet Arts is a not-for-profit organisation working to empower women to make choices that improve their health, employability prospects and wellbeing. I got out of the November rain to visit their beautiful art room with my box of spoons and the workhouse objects and documents. 

As an unexpected bonus it was Cake Day. In a lovely relaxed atmosphere we chatted about the workhouse and the Voices project and made spoon dolls.
But not just any spoon dolls! No gingham or hessian for these dolls!
This was a case of 'Cinderella, you shall go to the ball'. The group members made the most glamorous and imaginative outfits for their dolls, using their own vast selection of fabrics, sequins, tassels and lace in a vivid array of colours.
They felt sorry for the workhouse inmates from the stories I'd told. I guess this was a way to make their dreams come true- albeit in doll form! 
So in addition to the ninjas and aliens from half term, Gressenhall Workhouse now numbers amongst its inmates a crocheted Cinderella, a Geisha in a paper skirt, and a rock star in Wonderwoman pyjamas. 

Beautiful work from these talented and creative ladies:

Those silenced voices from the workhouse of 1777 were shouting about their individuality loud and clear today!

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